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Arc de Can Puig
La vida de lujo en el campo

Free Wifi

Fully furnished

Free parking


Swimming pool


Barbecua area

Arc de Can Puig - Casa rural in la Garrotxa naturepark

This new stone masia was built in 2014 on the site of a ruin. The house, 400 square meters in size, offers the most fantastic views over the mountains. Surrounded by a garden and hectares of forest, this house offers peace and space. From Can Puig you can go hiking, horseback riding and cycling.


Why stay at Arc de Can Puig?


  • House with amazing views

  • Close to the medieval town Besalu

  • Nice Swimming pool

  • A house that offers lots of space and luxury

  • Hectares of private land with animals

  • Perfect for families.

Energy, solar panels, water and wifi


Arc de Can Puig is located in the mountains so we are completely self-sufficient when it comes to electricity and water. We generate electricity through solar panels and we store it in large batteries. After that it is converted to 220 V. For the times when there is not any or not enough sun we produce energy with a generator.
We obtain water from our own well. This is stored in several reservoirs. The water is filtered and decalcified before it enters the house. This water is fine for showering but for drinking we use bottles. Next to the house is a biological septic tank that serves as a sewer. The post we pick up in the village and the and the garbage that we have to separate, we drop off at a deposit in the nearby town ourselves.
we are completely autonomous.

Fortunately we do have WIFI and this is put at the disposal of our guests.
Furthermore, we face all kinds of herbs in the garden that can be picked for personal use, such as rosemary, thyme, sage, laurel and lavender. There is a small vegetable garden that can be used also.


It is nice to be autonomous, but it also means that one must be aware that energy and water are not always available at full strength and that one must therefore deal with these matters consciously.

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